Warehousing & Distribution Solutions

Needs Analysis

Identifying the business requirement for a project is paramount to the success of the solution. The Genesys team works diligently with clients to ensure that all project objectives are clearly defined and quantified. This is the first step in a successful project implementation.

Warehouse Systems Concepting and Budgeting

Systems concepting is the development of design alternatives to satisfy the business requirement. At Genesys, we always exhaust all possible solutions to a distribution problem, and present our clients with a full range of applicable strategies and associated budget costs.

Return-On-Investment Review

ROI is the preemptive means of measure for physical distribution systems investment. Genesys will assist you in evaluating the financial gains anticipated for a proposed distribution system by identifying all savings associated with the systems implementation. We will then measure the savings versus the costs in a highly detailed format and prepare a formal presentation for your review.

Detailed Warehouse Systems Engineering

The Genesys team performs detailed mechanical, electrical, software and controls engineering in house with a dedicated group of project professionals. The end result of a Genesys engineering effort is a comprehensive project package with detailed drawings and a scope of work thoroughly defined.

Material Handling Equipment Supply

Through our parent organization, SJF, and through our numerous material handling equipment partners, Genesys can provide virtually any type of material handling equipment either new or reconditioned, and perform custom equipment “R&D” in the SJF project lab when a unique piece of equipment is needed. Genesys can also supply a mix of new and used equipment where appropriate to achieve the most economical solution for your system requirements.

Project Implementation Services

Genesys provides mechanical, electrical, software and controls installation and implementation for all material handling equipment that we supply. We also provide a dedicated project manager for our installations to ensure the successful project completion. Our systems software can interface with any Warehouse Management System in the market today or with your own legacy systems.

Training and Commissioning

The Genesys team establishes formal commissioning and training protocol for all of our projects, performing hands-on instruction and classroom training of managers and associates during system start-up.


Genesys relies on the support services of our parent company, SJF, for software and hardware support after commissioning. SJF has been in business for over 25 years, has nationwide service capabilities and supports the needs of a client base that is over 30,000 strong.

Industries Serviced

publishing – beverage – pharmaceutical – automotive – catalog and internet fulfillment – general and specialty retailers – hard good distributors – mass merchandisers – wholesale distributors – logistics service providers

WMS (Warehouse Management Systems)

With Genesys – You’re always in Control.

PLC Systems
For basic control systems, we offer PLC control. This basic system comes with some very user friendly features. Options include everything from colored touch screens which depict a complete overview of your system to indicators that are shown on screens to depict motor status. Other options include emergency push buttons and pull cords, motor overloads, lane full conditions and photo eye status just to name a few. We can also supply an industrial modem which allows Genesys to monitor, troubleshoot, and make program changes to your system on the fly if the need should arise. This feature alone can save you thousands of dollars on costly service calls.

PC Systems
For complete warehouse management, Genesys offers PC control. We utilize software to develop a complete custom system solution that’s suited to your warehouse. Our systems are not canned packages that many other vendors offer, but rather custom designed for each of our clients’ unique needs. We believe that no two warehouse operations are exactly the same, and that’s why we’ll take the time to completely understand how and why your warehouse operates the way it does. We will then assemble this information and design a system that is tailor-made for you.

System support is achieved via the internet. This allows us to monitor your system in as close to real-time as possible. We also offer a 24 hour hotline to call when the unexpected happens. Within our PC systems is the ability to generate some pretty fabulous reports. Because we are working with all aspects of your picking, packing and shipping, we can collect, organize and report the information that will help make your warehouse more efficient.